When Will Covid 19 Clear Up In Singapore?

Huh? Can ask like that meh?

Actually I also don’t know but I decided to try anyway

It all started cause one of my friends was asking me

“Eh McKing, you think your tarot can count when Covid 19 will clear up or not? And when the economy will go back to normal?”

I was like… hmm… can try…

(And yes, this blog is based on my opinion and my interpretations of the cards)

So I did it, and here’s what it looks like

Ok I know you don’t know how to read this so let me share with you ok?

This is a card spread that is commonly done for the year

Each of the 12 cards represent a brief glimpse into a month

As I did this particular read in March 2020, the first card starts with March 2020, which is the 7 of Pentacles

While doing the read, I type some keywords into it then later realize, a bit no point to do so since the main question is when will it clear up


But I will briefly go through

March 2020 has the 7 of Pentacles, which is indicative of investment and patience

Yes, now that we look back, perhaps it signal the consideration to go into investments in March when the stock market crash earlier in Feb 2020

April 2020 has the card represented by The Fool

The Fool indicates a new beginning, a transition, and hints that the journey might be tough

Again we are looking back, so this probably relates to the circuit breaker

I mean, even if I did the spread in March 2020, I won’t know this circuit breaker will come up and create such an impact right?

The mountains in The Fool card shows this journey will be challenging

So we must persevere, stay strong, and stay at home to fight this

Now, in May 2020, the 7 of Cups is an interesting card

It relates to choices and options

Look at the guy standing there thinking which of the items he need to pick

To me (and I could be wrong) it might represent the General Elections of Singapore

June 2020, we have the 9 of Pentacles, which relates to self-sufficiency and financial independence

On the flip side, it relates to self worth too

So I can guess that perhaps Singapore has gotten used to this social distancing way of life (will the Circuit breaker extend to so long?) and we really got to fight for ourselves and our survival (self-sufficiency)

However, for some of us, it may also trigger use to question our self worth, as our identities are too closely linked to our careers

If so, when career is gone, we lose a big chunk of ourselves and our self worth

July 2020 has the card 5 of Wands

The 5 of Wands represent competition, conflict, tension, and definitely we will see more of such things happening if the circuit breaker extends until then

Honestly I also don’t want la and hope I’m wrong haha

Good or bad news, August 2020′s card is 8 of Cups

We see a man walking away in the 8 of Cups, I take this to mean that Covid 19 will clear up significantly in Aug 2020!

Why good or bad?

Er… cause the month of September 2020 is the 8 of Swords

8 of Cups by default means running away or in denial while 8 of Swords be default means negative thinking or even self delusion

Why are these two cards side by side if Covid 19 clears up?

What are we afraid of? Or in denial of?

October 2020 has the card of the 5 of Pentacles

This card relates to financial insecurity, or having a scarcity mindset

These particular 3 months seem crucial (and links too)

Because November 2020 has the card of Judgement!

Hey yea, don’t worry, it’s not judgement day yet haha

Rather I think it to mean that there might be a second outbreak

Wait what?! Are you kidding McKing?

Eh…. Maybe I will do another spread to check?


Anyway, let me finish up, because the question is based on Covid 19, I think the Judgement card might mean Covid 19 comes back OR a second disease outbreak pops up

Dec 2020 has the Ace of Wands which represents the start of growth

Positively it could mean humans grow in new ways as we try to survive

Negatively it could mean the virus or new virus grow and spread really fast in Dec 2020

Now just to double confirm, I decided to do a second reading

When will there be a second outbreak?

When will there be a second pandemic?

I was with my fengshui master Master Max Liang (https://www.maxliangfengshui.com/) when we did the second reading of cards

I asked about the pandemic first, and later he ask me to ask about outbreak instead of pandemic so that’s why I decided to put them both side by side

Similarly, March 2020 starts the same position, with Temperance for the left and Page of Cups for the right

Temperance means to be careful and consider carefully before taking action, while Page of Cups hints at creative opportunities and to be curious about the situation

Both do relate in some way to our situation in March, where people were generally unsure about what to do yet there were a few who saw opportunity and capitalise on it

Anyway, regarding the question on the second outbreak/ pandemic, we will ignore most of the cards and jump to~

May 2020 where we see The Lovers and the Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords means a breakthrough or manifestation, while The Lovers represent a union (this is totally my opinion but it may indicate a combination or mutation for this second virus)

The next 3 months, for both spreads consist of pentacles or cups, and these particular cards are quite good (for the virus might be growing, expanding…)

Of course, I might be thinking too much here, take it with a bag of salt will you? 🙂

The most interesting onwards will be the month of September 2020, we see King of Cups and 2 of Cups

Both represent emotions (cause cups) and there might be a general consensus in the public that everything seems ok

But when we relate back to the first spread, September 2020 also the 8 of Swords, which was negative thinking or self delusion

So what does it mean if we combine 8 of Swords, King of Cups and 2 of Cups for Sept 2020?

My interpretation is: that people will partner up to form a common consensus and deluded themselves that everything is ok and it’s safe to go out and party

This might not be the best idea even if Covid 19 clears in Aug 2020, as there may still be lingering cases

Or even a second outbreak/ pandemic might occur as we can see Oct 2020 onwards

The cards are 5 of Cups and The World, 5 of Cups indicate regrets and disappointment while The World indicates completion, travel or just the world basically

In the first reading, Oct 2020 has the 5 of Pentacles, which mean financial insecurity, or having a scarcity mindset

My interpretation is that we may experience a global comeback of sicknesses, hence people regret stepping out too fast and develop a scarcity mindset again

These things happening in Oct 2020 will lead into Nov 2020, where the cards The High Priestess can mean withdrawal from society here, and needing to focus on the self-sufficiency indicated by the 9 of Pentacles, again, tying in with Judgement from the first reading

Lastly we end with Dec 2020, we see the 9 of Swords representing deep seated fears and worries, and Knight of Swords may represent restlessness or even burnout

And this can potentially come about if the second outbreak/ pandemic occurs

Based on my interpretations of the cards, and of course, these are my opinions only

It starts to shows signs in Oct and might be full blow by Dec 2020

Key tips are these

Regardless whether Covid 19 clears or not, don’t rush to party just yet, but by these interpretations, Covid 19 will clear significantly from Singapore in Aug 2020

Taking caution at this timing is good for our overall health and well being

The next few months, do have enough rest and water

We don’t want added heaty-ness to add to our stress, tension, frustrations and anger especially during the 5 of Wands conflict month of July

If people chiong outside to mingle, and the virus isn’t completely cleared, it may be possible a new virus emerges or a mutation of the coronavirus occurs in Oct 2020

Leading to bigger issues in Dec 2020

Meanwhile, let’s stay calm everyone

Remain safe at home, drink lots of water

And let’s be positive and tahan (endure) together!

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