The Calculation of Numerology

Alright so you probably already read the intro to numerology and you’ve understood a few basic things

For example, how every date of birth can calculate into 1 out of 6561 possible charts

Essentially, you are incredibly unique!

There is another factor about time, but we are not going to talk about that for now

And today, I will share with you a simple calculation to plot your own numerology chart!


First all, we use a DDMMYYYY basis

So date, month, then year

This is important because some countries use month, date and then year

Once you have arrange your date of birth in this format, we can begin

For now, let’s use this chart

So for this person born on 27 of May 1991 or 27051991 in the DDMMYYYY format

We add the digits together pair by pair and reduce to a single digit

So D+D is 2+7 = 9

M+M = 0+5 = 5

For the year, we break it up first half and second half

First half, Y+Y = 1+9 = 10 (remember to reduce to a single digit by adding the digits together again!)

So first half continues with 1+0 = 1

Second half, Y+Y = 9+1 = 10, and 1+0 = 1

So the chart number for 27051991 is 9511

Next, we want to find the weakness and strength of the person

Generally speaking, the left side of the chart denotes negative traits while the right side of the chart denotes positive traits


So to find the weakness, we add 9+5 while the strength is 1+1

Weakness is 9+5 = 14 (reduce again), 1+4 = 5

Strength is 1+1 = 2

Finally, the weakness and strength will add together to produce the character of the person

Character is 5+2 = 7

There you have it!

Now go ahead and do your own calculation to find your weakness, strength and your character

Among all the numbers, these three numbers are the most important

Generally, what you will find online are the usual 9 characters

Update: Guess What???

I forgot something important OMGGGGG

For people born in year 2000 (or 1900 if they are still alive or someone you wanted to calculate)

Those born in year 2000 do not compute to 2-0

In fact, the 00 becomes a 5!!!

So year 2000 becomes 2-5 instead!!

And year 1900 becomes 1-5

This is because (ok it’s a bit of a long explanation) we do not have a reading for 0

And so we use 5 to replace it as it is in the middle

Ok end of update!

However, can it be possible that the entire world only consists of 9 characters?

That is why I enjoy this system of numerology, where we can define the weakness and strength of a person too

This creates a total of 81 personalities

Using this chart again, instead of just defining her as a character 7, I will call her a 527 instead!

This totally differentiates her from other people who are the same character 7

There is a difference between 527, 167, or even 347!

But we won’t go into that now

We will take it slowly

One step at a time 🙂

Oh yes, you are probably wondering what happen to the rest of the numbers in the chart

Well I don’t want to confuse you by teaching you that now

So why don’t you practice this basic calculation first and see what are the weaknesses, strengths and characters for yourself, your family and friends!

After which, you can read about the numbers 1 to 9, what are their weaknesses, strengths and characters all about

Hehehe have fun~

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