Hi, I’m Lee McKing

I’ve been a numerologist since 2012, and an intuitive tarot reader since 2017, and recently, due to some bizarre circumstances, I’ve started this to help people through the digital space

Beta Numerology has been sitting in the corner of the internet (and my mind) for a while now hahaha… it kind of sounds like “better” with a slang, and beta also means like a testing ground for new techniques and ways to help people

Also, if you noticed carefully, the logo for it is made of 1 and 3, or the number 13, which is known as an unlucky number in Western cultures. On top of that, in numerology, 1+3=4 which is also known as an unlucky number in Chinese cultures

If we understand the history and reasoning of such beliefs, we realize such “unluckiness” does not make sense, hence, Beta hopes to also address such “unluckiness” and turn it into “good luck”, or simply put, to change a negative state to a positive state through the right advice

In Greek numerals, Beta has a value of 2, and hence, this particular logo consist of 1, 2, and 3, where in numerology, means to think, to inform, and to act, and this combination of traits allows one to succeed much more easily

Hence, if we were to contemplate on our questions, and through numerology or tarot, I were to give you the advice, when you act upon it, you can see your success in whatever aspect you wanted to know on

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

~ Steve Jobs ~

Have a question how I can help?