Intro To Tarot

Tarot started as a deck of playing cards in the mid 15th century in Europe, and as it got popular throughout the ages, it become a divination tool around the 18th century made famous by the gypsies

Funny start huh?

But once you realize this makes some sense, you will also know why some people use poker cards as a divination tool too

So what is divination?

Divination is a method used to gain insight into a question or situation

And tarot is one such divination tool

Naturally, we can find a divination tool everywhere

Even in your wallet or purse!

Yes, the coin ahahhaha

Ask a question, flip heads or tails to derive an answer

It’s a form of divination, ain’t it?

Some religions use divination too

For example, you could be religious and you want to have insights into a particular situation, so you open the holy book, the Bible, the Quran, etc and the first verse you see, will guide you

This kind is seen as guidance from God, since you use a holy book

In Eastern metaphysics, the I Ching (Or the Book of Change) can also be used for divination purposes

Whereas tarot is a Western practice

Back to tarot!

The deck I particularly like is the Rider Waite Tarot deck

It is a 78 card deck split between the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana

The Minor Arcana is similar to the poker card deck, where there are 4 suits (Cups, Pentacles, Wands, Swords) running from 1 to 10 followed by 4 face cards (a poker card deck has only 3 face cards)

The Major Arcana has unique cards such as The Fool, The Sun, Justice, and the infamous Death card

My history with tarot started in 2017

One of my friends, Lisa Lee, was doing an introduction to tarot, and I joined the class to support her

That’s where I realized I might be quite intuitive with tarot

So begun my journey and interest into it

Tarot is a type of divination tool, that is used to answer questions by anyone for almost anything

Some questions we avoid are Yes/No questions, questions about death, or to peek at someone else other than the querent

A querent by the way, is someone who is asking the question

So you can be a querent, or my client hahaha

Anyway, I tend to use an online card generator to create a tarot spread

This bunch of cards in this particular layout is called a spread

And the name of this spread is called a Celtic Cross

Each of the 10 cards here mean a different thing such as the past, present, future or even the advice, external influence and outcome

There are other spreads that can be used depending on the type of question

This lady was asking about her relationship, so I felt a Celtic Cross was a good choice to look into her present situation, what is in her unconscious mind, the advice to give and so on

There are other kinds of spreads and maybe I’ll go through them in this blog

What I like about this digital usage is that there is no energy to clear or cleanse, and we are unlikely to attract any weird energy

One thing you might be curious is whether such a card generator can still be accurate?

And you bet it can! 😀

I have actually used this to find out how a missing person drown himself… as well as how another lady’s relationship is both business and romance…

Naturally both querents were completely shocked and had goosebumps

There was another lady whose tarot I read regarding her relationship, and I could even tell she, being Chinese, was attracted to an Indian man (hence she was curious whether it will work out or not)

Although of course, if you prefer to have your own tarot deck, you can get it here

Anyway, I encourage you to keep an open mind as you read and learn more about the world you live in

And if you are curious to know more, do check out my blog and I hope you enjoy reading 😀

Til next time!

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