Number Symbology

So here I will be sharing with you some simple number symbology so you have a rough idea how each number links

Remember that this is just a rough guide, and not to use these as distinctive or accurate of someone’s numerology

You will need an expert to read accurately for that

However, you can click each number to get more details about a person’s character, weakness or strength

The number 1 represents to think, emotions, one self or one person

Negatively it might represent over-thinking, backstabbing, or negative thoughts

Symbols of 1 is a pen, the self, or a knife

The number 2 represents to talk or communicate, flexibility

Negatively it might represent indecisiveness, or even naggy

Symbols of 2 is a rope

The number 3 represents to act, fast, energy, or to listen

Negatively it might represent anger, or impulsiveness

Symbols of 3 is fire

The number 4 represents to plan, structure, or logic

Negatively it might represent calculative, or inflexibility

Symbol of 4 is a spanner or measuring tools

The number 5 represents to move, decisiveness, a direction or goal

Negatively it might represent stubbornness or challenges

Symbol of a 5 is a helicopter or a crossroads

The number 6 represents money, family or emotions

Negatively it might represent money minded or emotional, sensitive

Symbol of 6 is a pregnant woman or gold

The number 7 represents to network, social interaction or even luck

Negatively it might represent argumentative, or manipulation

Symbol of 7 is a crowd or a team

The number 8 represents to follow instruction, responsible, being busy

Negatively it might represent stress or procrastination

Symbol of 8 is a handcuff or an infinity sign

The number 9 represents to have foresight, envision, career minded, success

Negatively it might represent greed or too focused in career

Symbol of 9 is a fishing net

These numbers only make some sense when you calculate your chart here

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