Intro To Numerology

The history of numerology supposedly predates all the way back to Pythagoras at about 500 BC

And that’s a really long time to be around!

Back then, philosophers believe there was meaning to numbers and to some extent, I will say that is true

This is because across different cultures, words and letters might be confusing, but numbers is a truth known by all

Over the years, different systems of numerology have turned up and they ranged from counting the date of birth, to counting the numerological value of the letters in your name, among other things

Numerology is generally Western metaphysics or Indian metaphysics (like I said, many different systems come up along the way)

And because it uses the date of birth, it’s Eastern equivalent is Bazi or the Eight Characters, which requires the time of birth as well

Personally, I believe that our date of birth contains information that is purely for us, unique to the individual

Whereas the name, can change over time

Like you might be born Peter, but you commonly use Pete, so which name do you use to calculate?

Hence, this blog focuses more on the date of birth calculation method

I also believe these numbers can mean good or bad, depending on the circumstances

So you might Google a particular numerology website and find everything is positive and good

My question will be, if everything is really so good, why isn’t everyone rich and living a comfortable life?

Yes I can be a bit blunt at times haha shrug

My history with numerology started in 2012

I first learnt numerology from Master Bernard Yeo where he was sharing how the learning style preference of a child can be deciphered from the date of birth (of that child)

That made me curious, as I was giving tuition at that time, and I gave a learning style assessment tool to the students to determine their learning style

And for some reason, it was a 100% match!

(I’ll probably share the full story at a later time when I talk more about this heheh)

That got me interested to learn more about numerology and it’s potential to profile a person’s life

Through this, I met Master Max Liang, who is also a fengshui master and a face reader

He did his own research into numerology and create the chart that I’m using now too

Anyway, numerology is a system that is easy to learn and extremely in depth

I have used it successfully to profile a number of people and accurately describe their behaviours, their lives, the stress level in their careers and so on

At times, this system has shocked my clients, as the information that comes out is not usually what a normal fortune teller might say

I was so good (trumpet trumpet) that I did think of starting my own numerology practice all those years ago

But then I learnt and trained in NLP and hypnosis and felt inspired to help people in a way that hypnosis has healed me

For that story, you can visit my hypnosis website 🙂

TLDR: Quick Introduction to Numerology is A Profiling System of Numbers

In short, numerology is a profiling system that uses the date of birth in a particular calculation system to derive a set of numbers, and to interpret that set of numbers to determine one’s characteristic, personality, behavioural traits, and more

That was quite a mouthful huh?

Let’s use a random date of birth as an example

Say someone is born on 18 Dec 1992

From the date of birth, we can plot this chart out

And derive the chart number 9312

Sometimes we call this the 4D number hehehhe

By the way, there are 6561 possible combinations for this chart number


All the dates of birth in the world can be reduced into 1 out of 6561 possible charts!

From this chart, we get the personality 336

Well, that’s how I like to call it anyway

The 6 in this 336 is known as the character number

And there are 9 possible characters, yes, ranging from 1 to 9

The first 3, or the one on the left, refers to the weakness of this person

While the second 3, or the one on the right, refers to the strength of this person

And in total, there are a possible 81 types of personalities!

Pretty wicked huh?

Can you imagine how this numerology chart can possibly be more precise than any profiling tool out there?

Anyway, the other numbers surrounding the centre describes behavioural traits

But I won’t go too in depth at this point

So yes, if you are curious about your character, personality, health, yearly forecast, direction of wealth and so much more, do bookmark this blog and read more about it 😀

I will probably share the calculation method next time!

So stay tuned~

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