Is Numerology Metaphysics Or A Science?

Now most people will think that numerology is metaphysics, which is like fortune telling, bazi, fengshui etc

And to be fair, they are right to some extent

Now if you haven’t already, you can read this article where I share how numerology can describe a child’s learning style

Considering that a learning style assessment is something that came from science, to describe how best a child might learn, and yet numerology can also do the same

Then perhaps numerology might have some science behind it?

Curious isn’t it?

Many years ago when I first learnt numerology, I didn’t believe it had a science element to it either

So I did my own testing, by researching the dates of birth on my own family

To my surprise, whatever health issues that is described in their date of birth, is also found in their health history

To the extent that, I could also predict their health for the future (or even in the present)

In fact, that is what I did with my grandfather

I’m Catholic, and my family are all Catholics, so my mom was frowning when I got curious and wanted to learn numerology

You can imagine the arguments about it in the beginning

So anyway, my maternal grandfather fell ill but quite typical of the elderly, he didn’t want to see a doctor at all

I told my mom, let’s make a bet

“Give me his date of birth to look at and I will look into his health”

The bet is that if I am wrong, I will stop practicing numerology forever, and if I am right, we might save his life

There isn’t anything to lose the way I see it

My mom was hesitant but finally relented and gave me his date of birth

I won’t show you his chart ok? P&C

The first thing that left my mouth was… “Since when did kong kong smoke?”

My mom was shocked, asked me back, “What do you mean?”

“Well since I know he never smoke, but I see his numerology chart that he smoked before, so I asked you since when did he smoke?”, I replied

Now, maybe I could have seen exactly what age he smoke, however, that wasn’t my concern since I was suppose to look at his overall health

It was just something that jumped out at me

My mom hurriedly came over to look at it… but all she saw was numbers before sharing that he smoked before but stopped when she was born

She asked what else I can see, and I shared how this number pattern relate to him having a bad temper, here shows he earn good money and so on

My mom confirmed what I mentioned about his past as true, which helped her to trust me more in what I do

And in case you are wondering, no, no one talked about my grandfather’s childhood or adult life that much so I couldn’t possibly have acquired the information elsewhere except from the numerology

Anyway, back to his health, I told my mom that his health indicated to me that he might have colon cancer, in fact, I said

“90% chance he might have colon cancer, 10% chance of prostrate cancer, 1% suay suay he got both”

It will be really ‘bad luck’ if he has both but that was how I saw and interpret his numerology chart

My mom was a bit disbelief still… was it really possible?

I told her, see if you can convince him to see a doctor at the hospital, can a PET scan, CAT scan, or whatever scan it is to check

After all, if I am right, we save his life, and if I am wrong, at least we know it is nothing serious, and I will stop practicing numerology for making a mistake

My mom managed to convince my grandfather and they went to the hospital later that week…

When she returned home, I went to ask her how was it?

She was hesitant in replying… finally she said the doctor did a scan and found colon cancer


90% chance of colon cancer so since we caught it we can save him

Fast forward to the day before his surgery, I was walking home when my mom called me and wanted to know what will happened to him during the surgery

I did the calculation in my head and told her, it will be better than good

She was confused (to be fair, so was I at first hahaah)

I told her that the daily chart showed it will be a success, on top of having 5 elements, which seems to suggest to me that there will be good news on top of good news, if that makes any sense

Therefore, the minimum is that the surgery was a success!

She was pleased and we ended the call

After the surgery, when my mom got home, I asked her how did the surgery go?

My mom, again reluctantly sharing… that the surgeon removed all of the colon cancer…

Which is good… was there anything else?

She added, the surgeon also found prostrate cancer, and decided to remove it as well

He removed 99% of it and so my grandfather just needed to pop some chemo pills and he will be fine


“1% suay suay got both”

Bear in mind this isn’t technically a prediction, it is looking at his present state and condition using numerology to analyze his health

So while numerology has its roots in metaphysics, I firmly believe it has an element of science as well

What do you think?

PS. Yes, that’s why I can still do numerology today hahahaha

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