Hi, I’m Lee McKing

My Message

I first learned about numerology when I was teen, exploring about how the date of birth and name can create a certain type of person, however, I always took it as a pinch of salt because the stuff online isn’t very accurate

In 2012, I chanced about a style of numerology that seem to have a scientific background, and I was intrigued enough to attend the workshop

That propelled my journey into metaphysics!

It opened up my eyes to the things beyond what we can see…

My interest and mastery over numerology grew over the years, until I came across tarot, which I had always avoided due to it’s association with “the devil”

Turns out tarot is a way to tap into our unconscious mind and communicate with it (hypnosis being another way of communication between your conscious and unconscious minds)

People know that I have been a strong advocate of controlling your own destiny, to change how your mind perceives circumstances so that you can resolve issues and turn things around

And what I am doing now is to provide additional insights, perhaps you can understand yourself better before you know what to change and what can be even better

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

Jesse Doe


I’ve been a numerologist since 2012, and an intuitive tarot reader since 2017, and started this due to some bizarre circumstances, on and off reading and answering people’s queries


Some of the people I have read for around the world other than Singapore, include Japan, Malaysia, USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, India, and more


Reading for a number of people, they have rated me an accuracy of 90-100% for numerology, while tarot at times has given people goosebumps at how accurate it was


I learned numerology as a method to accurately profile a person’s characteristics and personality and that started my passionate journey into metaphysics

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