How Accurate Can Numerology Be?

Consultation with a client

Simple one-liner – numerology can be damn accurate

Ok if you believe that fully, you don’t have to read this already hahaha

However, whether or not you believe this one statement, you can still read this article if you want

Because later I will share an extremely cool story involving a blind test

Now of course, the numerology I learnt supposedly is backed by research (told to me by the master I originally learnt from)

And later, I advanced my learning with another master who also did his own research into numerology

Although the story I’ll be sharing later was before I did my 2nd training

At that point in time, I had my own ideas and understandings which solidified through my own numerology readings with various people

And various people seem to want to test my skill with random questions

Some are odd, some you might even say outrageous, but all in all, it made for an interesting learning experience

Of course, this happened after I saved my grandfather with my diagnosis of cancer using numerology

And I will remind you, even if we can look into the health of a person using numerology, we have to understand there are ways to prevent if you know it early, or get it checked if it’s there

Either way, we want to be able to make informed choices in our life, for our lives

I was working in an admin job

Back then I was doing HR statistics of a sort and naturally, with a bit of office chit chat and I shared that I know some numerology which got my colleagues interested

One of them asked me when he will get married, and when I did their numerology, I told him in 3 years, he will be married

The female colleague laughed because, she “knew” that the male colleague and his girlfriend aren’t planning to marry that fast… then she was stunned…

Because the male colleague confirmed that to be true, in fact he just discussed with his then girlfriend over the weekend, and they determined 3 years to get married as a reasonable timeframe

Considering I never knew them before coming in and it was like, the first week, that impressed him a lot

He shared about my numerology with his fiancé (who wouldn’t hahaha) and to my surprise, she was working in another department with the company

Their department looks at psychological and scientific research data, so naturally, something like numerology and metaphysics might not fly well there

Somehow or other, their whole department end up knowing about me and my numerology

And one day, my male colleague asked if I was available to pop to their department for a while

It appears that department had a meeting and a mini celebration (because there was cake) and since they had some free time, they decided to call me over and test my numerology

Yes, I was thrown into a blind numerology test

Which is fine, makes life a bit more interesting eh?

Before I reached, they already got 4 volunteers to give their dates of birth and they were written on the whiteboard

So that’s it, I was asked to read these 4 dates of birth, without knowing any other details of the people

I said that is fine, just need to indicate M or F beside each date as it might affect a bit

If I trust in the numerology system, will it matter if I know who each date belongs to?

No it does not

Although I went through all 4 dates of birth, I shall focus more on the first date of birth for this story, lest it gets too long

The first date of birth was a character 9, and I mentioned some things such as he being career oriented, he is likely the boss, he should be quite tall, he has foresight, a visionary

His weakness was a 4 and there is a 80-85% chance that he wears glasses

There were a couple other things I mentioned but then I realized something, this man is 35 years old

And that is important because I can look at where he is supposed to be at age 35 in his numerology chart, as well as look at the current year for him

The yearly chart for him indicate a big illness will fall upon him

That’s when it jumped out at me, like I couldn’t see or read anything else beyond his health issues and stuff related to his health

It’s like his numerology chart just spoke to me

I said out loud, “Sir, I am 99.99% sure you have liver failure. Please go to a doctor and get it checked. On the off chance that it is the 0.01% chance that I am wrong, please let me know and I am willing to give you $300 even though this is a free reading.”

Yes, I was so confident in my numerology, that I said that

Then I saw other things that relate to his health, such as him having high cholesterol, and an alcohol addiction

I could even say that he started drinking about 14 or 15, which naturally also made his liver to fail by this stage

The signs were all there, and I repeated about getting his liver checked

Now I wish to clarify, throughout the reading, I was speaking to the room, or to the paper which I drew the chart and did my calculations

I didn’t look around the room to see who might respond, so I have absolutely no idea who is this person

So if I was wrong in my interpretation, the entire room will respond accordingly as well

What the room responded with, was they got all excited and wanted me to read for them, disregarding the other 3 dates on the white board

Obviously I had to do those 3 dates first before I got to the others, which is also why I don’t want to go through the others for now

After I was done with all the numerology readings for a number of them

A bespectacled man came up to me and said, “Thank you master”

I said, “You’re welcome, but why do you thank me? I don’t even know you”

He said he was the first date of birth on the board that I read, and he now has a big question to ask

“When will I die?”

I shared with him that instead of looking at when will he die, he can look at how he can live and what he can do to make changes to his health

For example, of all the organs, the liver can regenerate

So what if it is failing?

With the right actions and steps, as well as making the changes, one can heal

I also shared with him, that I can understand if he cannot completely stop drinking right now, but if he truly wants to live well, being only 35, he can consider to reduce his drinking issue

Actually I kinda forgot to mention that based on his numerology chart, he should have 1 son and 1 daughter, so I could link health changes to spending more time with his children and seeing them grow up

Anyway, I recommended him to try drinking ginger tea which might help to cleanse his kidneys which will support his liver as well in healing

This is from the Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding using the 5 elements in Chinese Metaphysics

I shared this with him because my own health was really bad and this ginger tea method was shared with me from my own fengshui master

It worked for me so maybe it can help him too

But yes he has to stop drinking so much at least

While my colleague and I were walking back…

He asked if I knew who was the man who spoke to me at the end

I have no idea!

Turns out he really was the boss of the department, and he originally didn’t believe in numerology or metaphysics, hence he gave his date of birth to test me

Everything I said in the room was accurate without a doubt

He has high cholesterol, he loves to drink, and his liver failure was diagnosed about a month prior and yet, he didn’t care and want to continue drinking anyway

There is a beautiful ending so you can still feel good

Months later I bumped into him and he shared that since he started drinking the ginger tea, he feels great!

He is revitalized and energized and his health seems back on track

That’s amazing isn’t it? 😀

PS Don’t drink ginger tea unless it is really something that you need to. I have no idea how it might personally affect you

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