What’s The Difference Between A Physical & An Online Tarot Deck?

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The physical tarot deck is what most people know of, where the reader shuffles the cards, or you shuffle the cards while asking the question and doing the spread

However, I like to use the online tarot deck, one click to shuffle the cards and select the spread then click each card to open them

And yes it still works!

Of course, there are certain limitations with the online tarot deck as compared to the physical tarot deck

But also, there are certain extra steps for the physical tarot deck as compared to the online tarot deck

1. The potential for spiritual visits

Yes! Spirits or entities might come along or pass by and hover around a physical tarot deck reading, but it doesn’t occur for an online tarot deck reading!!

Why does this occur?

It could be due to the energies involved surrounding the tarot deck, the tarot reader, the client or even the tarot reader’s method of reading

Some tarot readers tap into their spirit guides for example, or claim to call upon angels

Personally, I will explain it as if its a random passer-by who sees something interesting, and decide to come and take a look

The difference is that such human passer-bys might stay at a distance or shy to look for long, or in a rush to go somewhere

Whereas a spiritual passer-by has no rules, no qualms, no restrictions, and thus can enter to watch and listen to the reading

Which is part of the reason why physical tarot readers have to do cleansing rituals, to cleanse the energies of the the surroundings, the cards etc

The online tarot deck is on the internet, and from a passer-by point of view, it is just a guy or girl on their computer or laptop!

On top of that, I personally do not call on any spirit guides or angels to do my tarot reading

I just use my intuition and why I prefer the online tarot deck

2. Energy exchange while shuffling the tarot deck

You may or may not know this, but we exchange energy through interaction with people, items and the environment

This can be good or bad, depending on what energy was exchanged

Like positive or negative energy

So there is more energy exchange with a physical tarot deck as compared to the online tarot deck

Especially if the tarot reader gives each customer to shuffle their cards

Ideally, the physical tarot deck reader has to cleanse in between each customer they get!!

This is because each customer’s energy might seep into the cards, and exchange with each person that shuffles it

So you might get some negative energy from the previous customers for example

Of course, the physical tarot card reader can reduce this by not allowing the customers to shuffle the deck

The tarot will work just as well, it is just up to each reader’s preference

For me, besides using an online tarot deck, I do my consultations online too

It reduces the energy exchange for an online interaction as compared to a physical interaction

3. Cleansing the tarot deck

Due to the above points 1 and 2, the physical tarot deck reader has to cleanse their tarot decks minimally before and after use

They can also cleanse the space surrounding to help protect the space from outside influence

There are various methods for cleansing and it is up to the preference of the tarot reader which they prefer or enjoy

It ranges from using sage or incense, even crystals, or under the moonlight for cleansing purposes

Of course, there is no need to cleanse an online tarot deck

4. The type of spread

Regarding the type of spread, a physical tarot deck has more variety and flexibility as compared to an online tarot deck

The online tarot deck card generator that I like to use has limited spreads, such as 3 cards, 12 houses and Celtic Cross

Thus I might restricted to what I can do or expand on a reading

Thankfully, I have been doing quite well so far in using this method to read for my clients

The physical tarot deck can allow an immediate expansion on the question, with drawing more cards in response to the question

This also increases the amount of interaction between the reader and the client

Personally, I like to keep the interaction short, and then focus on the tarot spread and interpretation

In which I will personally type a report regarding the spread and send to the client


Naturally there are some differences between the two tarot decks and it is up to the preference of people in what they want to do

Most people do prefer the physical deck because that is how it has always been

I guess I just like to do things out of the norm

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