At A Glance

Positive: Cause and effect, truth, fairness

Negative: Irresponsibility, dishonest, unfair


Justice is numbered 11 in the Major Arcana.

A person wearing a red robe with a crown, holding a sword in the right and a pair of scales in the left, and represents Justice. The sword represents logic and decision making, to be fair and truthful, while the scales represents balance, to weigh our actions and its consequences. The sword also points straight towards the heavens, complimenting the scales.

The crown has a green square representing stable thoughts and order, while the red robe symbolizes the action against or the anger for unfairness and dishonesty. Yet, behind such Justice, there is a purple veil, which hints of compassion, intuition and spirituality.

The pillars represent structure and order, and indicates that things must be done when they need to.

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