Question: How can AO succeed in his insurance business?

The first set of cards

1. Present – 8 of Pentacles. This card represents hard work and repetition. It also signifies that you need to work hard on developing and mastering your skill.

2. Past – Knight of Swords. This talks about being driven to succeed (in a positive way), but also talks about impulsiveness and unfocused (in a negative way)

3. Future – Queen of Pentacles. This card talks about a being a working parent, being a financial provider.

This first set of cards, what I interpret is that in your business, you were unfocused and impulsive (even though you might be driven to succeed), and that led to you not able to produce results that you wanted. At present, it is telling you to work on mastering and developing your skillsets related to your insurance business. This card is also saying that you cannot rush things (hard work and repetition). Eventually, your future is what you desire, to be able to provide financially and be a working parent. If you want to achieve this, you need to start mastering your skillsets and be consistent with it.  

The second set of cards

4. Challenge – 4 of Pentacles. This talks about holding onto money, scarcity mind-set.

5. Unconscious – Justice. This card talks about cause and effect, fairness. Perhaps it indicates that you have an unconscious desire for justice in your life.

6. Conscious – Ace of Pentacles. This represents potential new financial opportunities or job opportunities.

This second set of cards is quite straightforward. Your challenge is your scarcity mindset. You need to change this mindset to abundance so you can succeed much more easily. Your unconscious is Justice, which might be good or bad. For example, you cannot be dishonest with anyone, otherwise, you might face issues. Your conscious mind is looking at new financial or career opportunities. This is interesting as it can mean that you keep looking for new ways to make money instead of working at mastering your current skillsets (the present card) OR you could be too focused at your new opportunity to put effort into your insurance business.

Combination read: The unconscious understanding of the cause and effect of Justice, links with the present card 8 of Pentacles, where hard work pays off.

The third set of cards

7. Advice – 6 of Pentacles. This talks about generosity, charity, giving.  

8. External Influence – 10 of Swords. This card talks about betrayal, loss, and recovery.

9. Hope/Fear – The Star. This represents hope, purpose, spirituality, renewal.

10. Outcome – 7 of Wands. This talks about challenge and perseverance.

This last set of cards is very interesting. The advice of the 6 of Pentacles is telling you to adopt a giving mindset, a mindset of generosity and charity. The hope of The Star brings about a renewed purpose that you can look into for your business. The outcome of 7 of Wands reminds you to persevere and see it as a challenge to overcome oneself.

The external influence of the 10 of Swords warns of a possible betrayal or a sense of loss that might be coming in the near future. Do be wary of this and where it comes from. You might also want to take this time to recover and rest.

Combination read: The outcome of perseverance links with the present card of hard work. Both are telling you that you need to work at it and persevere through to get your goals.

Combination read: The advice card of adopting a generosity and charitable mindset is also telling you to adopt an abundance mindset, which the challenge of the scarcity mindset that you have now has also told you earlier. So please break away from this scarcity mindset and inculcate an abundance mindset.


In conclusion, this card reading is stating you need to stop having the scarcity mindset (4 of Pentacles) and adopt an abundance mindset (6 of Pentacles), and that you need to work hard (8 of Pentacles) and persevere (7 of Wands) if you want to achieve your goals (Queen of Pentacles). You got to be more focused (Knight of Swords) in your current business (Ace of Pentacles), and regarding the betrayal that is coming (10 of Swords) remember to forgive and let go so you can recover from the loss faster.

Side notes

Because I will type a report and trust the tarot cards, I don’t usually ask for details about the person such as what is happening in their job etc

After the report was done and given to AO, he shared how he was lured by his boss into the insurance line, with promises of help given, but after joining, there was no help or support from the boss at all. This made him feel dejected and want to give up.

This aligns with the first set of cards, he joined on impulse and had to focus on mastering the craft, but he rather give up instead. Which in turns links with the second set of cards too, where he kept looking for ways to make quick money without putting in the hard work. This is also due to the scarcity mindset he had.

The tarot is used to provide additional information or insights, but ultimately it is up to him to take the actionable steps that he has to in order to succeed. With that, only time will tell.

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