At A Glance

Positive: Change, transition, an end

Negative: Fear of change, unable to let go, stuck


Death is numbered 13 in the Major Arcana.

Death appears as a skeleton knight in black armor on a white horse carrying a flag with a 5 petal rose. The black knight and the white horse represents the duality of this world, like the Yin Yang, life and death are in a cycle. Things will always be moving and changing. Change is the only constant.

A man who might be royalty appears dead on the ground, while a bishop and a child appear to be pleading with Death to spare them, and a young girl appears reluctant and don’t want to face Death. These three people cannot accept or unwilling to accept the inevitable.

The 5 petal rose is white, symbolizing innocence and purity, which indicates that things happen when they happen. There is no personal involvement, emotional attachment, therefore it is time to let go and move on.

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