The Hierophant

At A Glance

Positive: Religion, family, conformity

Negative: Rebel, breaking free, personal beliefs


The Hierophant is numbered 5 in the Major Arcana.

The Hierophant is wearing a bright red robe, with a three-tiered crown and holding the Papal Cross in his left hand while his right hand is pointing upwards to the heavens. The crown is supposedly an indication of the three levels of consciousness, namely the conscious, unconscious and the super or higher conscious. The symbols he is wearing shows the strong connection to religion and God.

He is seated in a temple with two followers listening to him and receiving his blessing. This shows how beliefs are passed down in a group setting.

The two keys below him is also an indication of how potential can be unlocked through the connection and alignment of conscious, unconsciuous and super or higher conscious.

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