The Devil

At A Glance

Positive: Detachment, release of limiting beliefs, sexuality

Negative: Addiction, restriction, dwelling in negative aspects


The Devil is numbered 15 in the Major Arcana.

The Devil shows a demon with goat horns and bat wings, with an open right hand, and holding a burning torch in his left hand. There is an inverted pentagram above him which represents a link to the occult and magic, as well as the darker side of it.

There is a naked man and woman in front, chained together and to the stone which the demon is on. They have horns, which come out due to how close they are to him, and they have tails which shows their uncontrolled instinct of lust and pleasure.

Upon closer inspection, the chains are loose around their necks, which means the man and woman can choose to free themselves and walk away.

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