KN, 30 male, Singaporean

I got to know of Lee Mcking through a networking event. He told me about his work and I found it really interesting with his many stories about previous clients. I decided to consult him regarding a recurring dream that my wife had been having on multiple occasions.

We were not at his office where we can do a face to face consultation, so he suggested using his tarot card reading through Whatsapp. I gave it a shot anyway, and when I heard the analysis, I did not quite believe at first, more of confused about the possibility of it happening.

His tarot reading stated that my wife would be pregnant soon and had to be careful of water related accident, and more. He clearly stated that I will be a father a year from now!

The truth came out soon enough, my wife was expecting and a series of events happened which was what Mcking analysed in his tarot card reading!

Really shocked and amazed how accurate this could be by Mcking, and he have never met my wife!

It’s been 2 years since then and I decided to give this testimonial to show his professionalism and willingness to help others.

KN, 30 male